Retrograde Mercury and planets calendar 2023

In 2023 we have four Mercury retrograde which one starts at the end of 2022 in 29th of December. Astrology treats these periods as a lesson or a review of life in specific areas. These don't necessarily have to be bad times and you shouldn't be afraid of them, but they can cause confusion in your life. Take a look at retrograde calendar and meaning of Mercury and other planets in retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury and planets 2023 Calendar

From an astrological point of view, planning our activities with the retrograde calendar and the Void of course Moon allows you to significantly improve our lives.

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Mercury retrograde meaning

Mercury rules everything related to movement and travel: all kind of transport and the organization of trips itself. Mercury is also responsible for all communication (conversations, meetings, messages or shipments) and devices related to communication (smartphones, TV, radio).

Be flexible when retrograding Mercury. Plan, read and double-check everything: emails, reservations or contracts. Prepare different solutions of your problems and make a decision and sign it when Mercury returns to straight motion in the sky.

Periods when Mercury retrograde are often associated with bad decision making, workplace perturbations, problems with technology and travel. Mercury's retrograde movement is quite a challenge for people who are impatient, distracted, poorly organized, and in a hurry.

What to do and not to do during Mercury retrograde?

With retrograde Mercury it is NOT recommended to:

With retrograde Mercury it is recommended to:

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