Retrograde Mercury and planets calendar 2023

In 2023 we have four Mercury retrograde which one starts at the end of 2022 in 29th of December. Astrology treats these periods as a lesson or a review of life in specific areas. These don't necessarily have to be bad times and you shouldn't be afraid of them, but they can cause confusion in your life. Take a look at retrograde calendar and meaning of Mercury and other planets in retrograde.

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Dec 29, 2022 Cap 24°21’Jan 18, 2023 Cap 08°08’
Apr 21, 2023 Tau 15°37’May 15, 2023 Tau 05°50’
Aug 23, 2023 Vir 21°51’Sep 15, 2023 Vir 08°00’
Dec 13, 2023 Cap 08°29’Jan 2, 2024 Sag 22°10’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Jul 23, 2023 Leo 28°36’Sep 4, 2023 Leo 12°12’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Oct 30, 2022 Gem 25°36’Jan 12, 2023 Gem 08°07’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Sep 4, 2023 Tau 15°34’Dec 31, 2023 Tau 05°34’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Jun 17, 2023 Pis 07°12’Nov 4, 2023 Pis 00°30’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Aug 24, 2022 Tau 18°55’Jan 22, 2023 Tau 14°56’
Aug 29, 2023 Tau 23°04’Jan 27, 2024 Tau 19°05’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Jun 30, 2023 Pis 27°41’Dec 6, 2023 Pis 24°53’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
May 1, 2023 Aqu 00°21’Oct 11, 2023 Cap 27°53’

Retrograde begins:Retrograde ends:
Jul 23, 2023 Ari 19°57’Dec 27, 2023 Ari 15°27’
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Retrograde Mercury and planets 2023 Calendar

Retrograde is a frequent and typical event repeats periodically. Retrograde in astrology is period of apparent movement in a backward direction of planet in the sky when you observing Mercury and other planets from Earth. By knowing the importance of retrograde, we can learn how to make the best use of their impact on our lives.

Retrograde Mercury and planets 2023 Calendar

From an astrological point of view, planning our activities with retrograde and Void of Course Moon's calendars allows you to significantly make your life easier.

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Mercury retrograde meaning

Mercury rules everything related to movement and travel: all kind of transport and the organization of trips itself. Mercury is also responsible for all communication (conversations, meetings, messages or shipments) and devices related to communication (smartphones, TV, radio).

Be flexible when retrograding Mercury. Plan, read and double-check everything: emails, reservations or contracts. Prepare different solutions of your problems and make a decision and sign it when Mercury returns to straight motion in the sky.

Periods when Mercury retrograde are often associated with bad decision making, workplace perturbations, problems with technology and travel. Mercury's retrograde movement is quite a challenge for people who are impatient, distracted, poorly organized, and in a hurry.

What to do and not to do during Mercury retrograde?

With retrograde Mercury it is NOT recommended to:

With retrograde Mercury it is recommended to:

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Venus retrograde meaning

Retrograde Venus - the planet of love becomes a playboy and begins to approach the issue of feelings less seriously. Venus will encourage you to take a step back and look at what was and isn't. In practice, this could mean, for example, longing for a previous relationship or someone we used to have feelings for.

Venus retrograde should not be the time to go back to ex-partners and end our current relationship because of a past relationship with someone else. This is the moment when we can look at our relationship from the side and come to the conclusion that it does not give us satisfaction and should be ended. Retreating Venus in Gemini can lead us to flirt and even romance.

What to do and not to do during Venus retrograde?

With retrograde Venus, it is NOT recommended to:

With retrograde Venus it is recommended to:

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Mars retrograde meaning

Mars personifies action, impulsiveness, determination, courage and assertiveness. However, when it goes into reverse, it prompts us to remain calm, patient and neutral. Its energy can cause significant delays and difficulties in starting new things, prompting us to re-analyze what we have already done.

Mars is ruling principles of self-defense, so its energy can turn into belligerence and irritability. Some people, under the influence of these strong emotions, can make very bad decisions, responding with aggression and anger.

During retrograde Mars we will also be more vulnerable to any accidents and injuries that may be caused by fatigue, distraction or haste. Be especially careful on the road, in the kitchen, on the field and in the workshop.

What to do and not to do during Mars retrograde?

With retrograde Mars, it is NOT recommended to:

With retrograde Mars it is recommended to:

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Jupiter retrograde meaning

Jupiter represents abundance, discovery, education, and happiness in life. It concerns things that are positive. As the largest planet in our solar system, it has enormous energy potential.

Jupiter retrograde helps to overcome difficulties, bad addictions or negative behaviors that no longer serve our highest good. As many astrologers argue, the retrograde of Jupiter has a beneficial effect on slimming. Jupiter will show you how to eliminate the obstacles that prevented us from achieving success. During this time, it is worth reflecting on the current situation again.

Jupiter retrograde means that no matter what area of ​​growth we need to work on, we need time to think and make sure everything is working. Jupiter retrograde gives a chance to recognize the problem and eliminate it as soon as possible.

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Saturn retrograde meaning

Saturn retrograde slows down the pace of life, makes you reflect and tests your patience. During Saturn retrograde, we are encouraged to review our goals, ambitions, and long-term plans. It is a time of introspection and self-assessment, where we may reevaluate our responsibilities and how we handle them. This period often brings karmic lessons to the forefront, offering opportunities to address past mistakes and grow from them.

Saturn retrograde may highlight areas of our lives where we need to take more responsibility or establish better boundaries. It can also provide a chance to confront fears or insecurities that hold us back from achieving our potential.

This retrograde phase challenges us to confront issues related to authority, self-discipline, and delayed gratification. It is a time for inner work and self-improvement, as we may face setbacks or obstacles that demand patience and perseverance.

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Uranus retrograde meaning

Uranus is the planet of innovation, independence, and sudden change. When it goes retrograde, its energies turn inward, prompting us to review and reassess our personal freedom, desires for change, and need for individuality. It encourages us to break free from restrictive patterns and embrace uniqueness and authenticity.

This period offers a chance for introspection and reevaluation of our values, belief systems, and goals. It may lead to unexpected breakthroughs, profound realizations, and a desire to rebel against conventions that no longer serve us.

While Uranus retrograde can bring exciting opportunities for growth, it may also cause restlessness, impatience, and disruptions in established structures. We might feel a strong urge to challenge authority and resist conformity during this time.

It's essential to remain flexible and open-minded during Uranus retrograde, as resisting change can lead to frustration. Embracing innovation and allowing our intuition to guide us will lead to a smoother and more transformative experience.

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Neptune retrograde meaning

During Neptune retrograde, we are prompted to delve into the depths of our psyche and confront any illusions or delusions we may have been holding onto. It is a time of heightened sensitivity and introspection, where we may experience vivid dreams, heightened intuition, and a greater connection to the spiritual realm.

Neptune's retrograde period encourages us to question our beliefs, ideals, and fantasies. It serves as a period of purification, allowing us to release any negative patterns or illusions that may be clouding our judgment or inhibiting our growth.

While Neptune retrograde can be a transformative and enlightening time, it may also bring confusion, escapism, and a tendency to avoid facing reality. It is crucial to stay grounded and practice discernment to avoid falling into self-deception or getting lost in daydreams.

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Pluto retrograde meaning

During Pluto retrograde, we are prompted to explore the depths of our psyche and face any unresolved issues or emotional baggage. This period acts as a catalyst for profound inner growth and self-awareness. It can reveal buried traumas or patterns that need to be released, allowing for transformative healing and regeneration.

Pluto retrograde is a time of intense introspection and self-discovery. It encourages us to dismantle old structures and belief systems that no longer serve our highest good. While this process can be challenging, it opens the door to new beginnings and a more authentic expression of ourselves.

This retrograde period may also bring power struggles, confrontations, or issues related to control and manipulation. It is essential to navigate these energies with honesty and integrity to avoid any negative manifestations of Pluto's intensity.

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