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Moon in Astrology

The Moon in astrology is our soul and it's responsible for our emotional and mental needs. The position of the Moon in natal chart says a lot about inside of the chart owner, about his emotionality, sensitivity, and the way he shows his feelings.

Moon in horoscope means a women and therefore mother, wife, lover, sister, daughter, etc. The position of the Moon in natal horoscope of person determines the nature of mother, relations with mother, with women in general. It is very important that Moon is in good aspects with other planets. When the moon is damaged (in bad aspect) mental problems, depression, constant internal tension are possible. The moon in birth charts in unfavorable aspects can mean a difficult childhood, lack of love, rejection by mother, problems in relationships with women, in women - hostility from other women, jealousy, problems and losses by women.

The Moon walking across the sky passing through twelve zodiac's signs in almost twenty eight days. Position of Moon is therefore extremely important. His journey through the horoscope triggers various emotional states within ourselves.

The aura of the day is mainly influenced by the aspects of planets, solar and lunar eclipses, Void of Course Moon and its phases, especially the New Moon and the Full Moon. New Moon is a good time to start something new and carry out important projects. On the other hand, during a Full Moon we have more emotional stress than usual.

Void of Course Moon meaning

The time from the last major aspect with another planet (or Sun) before entering the next zodiac sign is called Void of Course Moon. This time usually takes about minutes to several hours.

Based on horoscope, astrologers analyze various cases of influence of the Moon on people. A conclusion are that decisions we made during time of Void of Course Moon have a long way and difficulties to achieve the goals. Ideas that will come up at that time may be hard to be implement at a later time. Certainly, success or failure during the Void of Course Moon mostly depends of transits of planets to our natal chart or the company's horoscope. But don't worry - you can achive success during Void of Course Moon - it can be seen in your analyzed horoscope.

The Void of Course Moon is not responsible for unsuccessful negotiations, talks about a rise, or unfortunate development of our project. The reason lies in actions we take (or no action), our approach to the matter, preparation and people involved. Projects started during Void of Course Moon are just more difficult to finish and way to accomplish is longer than usually could be done. And ultimately they do not have the impact we would like to achieve.

Success or fail is described in our entire horoscope, not by interpretation based only on Moon. If the situation or started project don't have positive aspects of planets of its horoscope, the Void of Course Moon calendar will not save us from the consequences of the decisions we made.

The aspects of the Moon and Void of Course are only an assistant in achieving our goals. Check dates and times of Void of Course Moon with our calendar. Just click on interesting continent name and time zone to get your yearly tables. We hope it will help you plan your activities and path to your goals.

We wish you a lot of inner strength and motivation in achieving your goals and the greatest number of them!

What to do and not to do during Void of Course Moon?

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